Hostesses partner with Ambassadors to create a marketplace for Noonday’s fair trade products. Together you will Style Your Friends and Change the World.®

Host a Noonday Collection Trunk Show

We want to invite you to be a part of Noonday Collection by hosting a Trunk Show to share our brand, story, and beautiful products with your friends. Alongside your Noonday Ambassador, you will connect your community to Artisans across the globe. Your Trunk Show’s sales will create opportunities for our global partners and Noonday Ambassadors here in the U.S. To thank you for making an impact, you will earn discounts and reward dollars that you can use to get free Noonday products!

2 Ways to Host a Trunk Show

When you connect with an Ambassador to host your Trunk Show, she will style you and your guests and share inspiring stories behind our collection.

*A qualified show must have 3+ unique customer orders and $250+ in sales to qualify for Incentives and Hostess Exclusives. Rewards are cumulative and available while supplies last. Hostess Exclusive orders do not count towards the qualifying show total. Hostess Rewards Dollars cannot be used to purchase Hostess Exclusive items. Hostess Exclusives cannot be combined with half-off rewards to receive an additional discount on the item. The Hostess Exclusive items must be purchased with other Hostess Rewards within 7 days of the Trunk Show.

What You Can Earn


Reward Dollars

(of Sales)

Products 50% off

Adjust the slider to watch your rewards increase with your Trunk Show order total.

*A qualified show must have 3+ unique customer orders and $250 in sales to qualify for Trunk Show rewards. Reward Dollars cannot be used to purchase Hostess Special items. Hostess Special cannot be combined with half-off rewards to receive an additional discount on the item. Hostess Specials must be purchased with other Hostess Rewards within 7 days of the Trunk Show. Rewards 1-2 above are cumulative. Ambassador Hosted Shows are not eligible for Hostess Launch Incentives. Rewards available while supplies last.


A Trunk Show is a party where you and your friends can shop for jewelry and accessories handmade by Artisans around the world and get styling tips from a Noonday Ambassador. You will discover the stories of the talented Artisans who make our pieces. By shopping, you and your friends will create opportunity in vulnerable communities around the world. Noonday has something for everyone – all styles and budgets – and there is no pressure for guests to purchase anything.

While many of our Trunk Shows are hosted by women, men also host shows – often as a way to make it easy for other men to shop for gifts for their wives, sisters, daughters and friends!

You can host a Trunk Show on a weekday or a weekend, during the day or in the evening. Trunk Shows are a great reason to gather friends for a play date or a night out. Ask your Ambassador about her availability! Check your calendar ahead of time for other events, choose a date and invite your friends with confidence – you are giving them an opportunity to make a difference!

It is never too early to get something on the books! Your Ambassador will help you set a date. We think at least two or three weeks is enough time to gather friends. We make it easy for you to send out invitations and to remind your guests – ask your Ambassador for more details!

You can host a Noonday Trunk Show anywhere, not just in your home! Any space where you can gather friends and give your Ambassador room to set up a beautiful display of Noonday Products could work. We have had Trunk Shows at coffee shops, offices, schools, churches and more. Contact your Ambassador to talk about options in your community.

While you are welcome to get friends or family involved in helping you host a Trunk Show, only one person may earn Hostess Rewards. Contact your Ambassador for more details.

Before your guests arrive, clear a space where your Ambassador can set up her display. Your Ambassador will bring everything else! When it comes to food and drinks, our best advice is to keep it simple. Make a pot of coffee or open a bottle of wine, set out some fruit, cheese or dessert, and make your friends feel welcome.

Trunk Shows are the best way to see our one-of-a-kind collection in person. Your Ambassador will bring her unique selection of Noonday Collection jewelry and accessories. She will also bring our gorgeous Lookbook so you can discover the entire collection! Plus you can always shop online.

You can always invite your friends to shop online as a part of your Trunk Show! Your Ambassador will give you the details of how this works to make sure you receive credit for any online orders.

You don't need a big house to host a Trunk Show! Your Ambassador will need a space where she can set up samples – think kitchen counter, dining table or coffee table – and your friends will need a little room to gather. To save space, invite friends to choose their favorite pieces as they walk in the door to wear during the Trunk Show.

After your guests write down their orders at your Trunk Show, your Ambassador will place the orders through our website. Our Home Office team based in Austin, Texas will pack the orders with love. They will be delivered within 3 weeks. Want more details? Visit our Shipping & Delivery page.

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Your Trunk Show will create meaningful opportunities for families across the globe. By creating a marketplace for their beautiful products in your home or local venue, you enable Artisan Entrepreneurs to create dignified jobs in vulnerable communities.

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